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Feb 27, 2016:

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Apr 7, 2014:

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Apr 2, 2014:

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Feb 27, 2016

In reorganizing Anaheim into six districts, West Anaheim will be represented by District 1 and District 2. In the coming 2016 election, however, only District 1 will elect a representative as decided by the Anaheim City Council recently. The District 2 election will be in 2018. West Anaheim has not had representation from a local city council member since Frank Feldhaus's two terms ended in 2002. Our representation has come from council members elected from central Anaheim to Anaheim Hills who have not paid attention to West Anaheim needs for improvements and more businesses in the West Anaheim area.

District 2, which was originally selected for inclusion in the 2016 election, was replaced by District 3 which is in Central Anaheim. Central Anaheim has been represented by various council persons through the years. Councilperson James Vanderbilt moved from Central Anaheim to District 2 recently but he is an elected councilperson-by-large, which means he represents all six districts.