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February 17th, 2014
There has been a proliferation of hookah bars/lounges in West Anaheim lately. Out of fourteen hookah bars/lounges in Anaheim, twelve are in West Anaheim. Two more for West Anaheim are scheduled to come before the Planning Commission this coming month. One is on Ball Road just east of Beach Boulevard in the old Sumitomo Bank. The second one is on the east side of Brookhurst Street between Broadway Avenue and Orange Avenue. The one on Ball Road came before the Planning Commission on Monday, January 27, and after hearing concerns of residents and businesses owners nearby, was carried over to the Planning Commission meeting on Monday, February 24.

Since the California State law says no food can be served with an indoor hookah bar/lounge, hookah bars are now being requested for outdoors. However, that poses a problem for nearby residents and businesses.

Anaheim recently adopted an ordinance for outdoor hookah bars/lounges. It specifies that they may not be less than 200 ft. from a residence and must be 1000 ft. from a school. If there is a structure between them or other factors which provide residences from noise, odors or other impacts from the hookah bar, the hookah bar could be allowed. 117 apartments are 40 ft. to the north. Because the apartment building facing the hookah bar has no windows, this is being considered a structure to impede the smoke and odors from going any further. There is a school on the east side of the small shopping center. The code also states that the outdoor area shall be located in an outdoor area that is least obtrusive to neighboring businesses and land use. There is a restaurant next to the outdoor hookah bar.

Renew West Anaheim is interested in getting good businesses on Beach Blvd. Hookah bars will be detrimental to that idea.

The Planning Commission meeting on February 24 is in city council chambers in City Hall and starts at 5 PM. Parking is in the structure on the east side of City Hall.